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Benefits for Self Employed Individuals

Helping YOU Operate on YOUR own

Just because you work for yourself or work as a freelancer doesn't mean that you can't afford extra benefits.  Too busy to make it to the doctor? Alliance members can access physicians via a phone call. And whether you have health insurance or not, Alliance's discounts and savings on health-related costs could save you thousands of dollars.

Additional Reasons to Join

Pharmacy Discounts

Mail Service Rx Discounts help you save on 90-day supplies of prescription drugs delivered right to your door. And our optional Health Superpack adds prescription discounts of up to 65%

Emergency Roadside Service

Don't be stuck missing meetings or jobs when your car breaks down. The Alliance Motor Plan offers 24-hour toll-free access to roadside assistance anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Travel Savings

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, save on long and short stay hotels, cruises and rental cars from Budget, Enterprise, Hertz and ZipCar.


Get savings and discounts on software and services you use every day. Save on products and services from FedEx, QuickBooks, Hewlett-Packard and more.


If you're in need of health insurance, our online insurance marketplace lets you shop and evaluate plan option in realtime. Get expert advice from licensed agents and ensure you don't miss out on any available savings or subsidies.

Partner Discounts Include

Membership starts under $15/month

Sign up online and get access to benefits and savings right away.
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Frequently Asked Questions

QWho is the Alliance?

Since 1981, the Alliance has been using its group buying power to provide businesses, individuals and families with affordable access to health, travel and education benefits.

QWhat does Alliance Membership offer?

Alliance Membership provides access to a variety of personal, professional and health care benefits that help members and their families save money. Whether it's a medical emergency or preventive health care, travel discounts or legal services, Alliance Direct Benefits can help you get the most for your money.

QWhat are the Optional Packages?

The Alliance offers optional packages tailored for those who want additional medical benefits or dental discounts. You can customize your Membership by adding just the packages you need. 

QAre Alliance Direct Benefits just for me? Or can my family use them too?

The Alliance Value Plan benefits cover you and your family. The Alliance Plus Plan is available to individuals, or you can upgrade to the Family Plus Plan and share the benefits with your spouse and/or dependents. It's a great way to help provide additional savings and health care options to your whole family.

QAre Alliance Direct Benefits the same as a health insurance plan?

No. The Alliance is not a health insurance provider. The Alliance is a nonprofit corporation that offers dues-paying members access to insured and non-insured benefits. Thanks to our group buying power, Membership offers discounts and benefits which can help you offset the cost of healthcare and everyday expenses if you do not have insurance. And if you already have insurance coverage, Alliance Direct Benefits can help with deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

QHow do I access my benefits?

You can access your benefits anywhere, anytime. Just log into our member portal from your computer or smartphone and you can access your benefits and membership info 24/7. And our member services hotline is available toll-free during business hours to assist you with any questions.

QI already have Health Insurance. Why would I join the Alliance?

The Alliance Direct Benefits are a great complement to many existing insurance and benefit plans. If your current insurance has a high deductible, or limited choices for services, our benefits and savings could save you significant money. Our group buying power has let us negotiate discounts for many common diagnostics such as lab work, x-rays and MRI scans. It could be cheaper to use our low discount pricing than to pay full price if you haven't met your deductible yet. Additionally, with our 24/7 physician access benefit, you can speak with a licensed physician from anywhere, even when you're traveling.

Many insurance plans these days do not include dental insurance. Our optional Dental Savings Plan benefit can help you save on nearly every dental procedure at thousands of dental practices throughout the country.

QIs the Alliance part of the Affordable Care Act?

No, Alliance Membership is not insurance and does not meet the conditions of the Affordable Care Act. However, Alliance Direct Benefits can be a great complement to qualified Affordable Care Act plans, offering additional ways to save and more healthcare options. Many ACA qualified plans have high deductibles, and our health care benefits can help minimize the out-of-pocket costs of many items.

[Business Consultant Advice Line] gave us business advice that was enough knowledge at the time to avoid expensive appointments with specialists.

Ellyn S. / Indiana

Ellyn S.

MEDPro has helped lower the costs of some of my more expensive medicines; it was like getting a pay raise!

Kevin B. / Nebraska

Kevin B.

I saved over $1,000 on dental work on one visit using Discount Dental Plan.

Mark F. / Arizona

Mark F.

The Alliance offers benefits that far outweigh the minimal monthly payment. If every individual, family or small business does not have this program, then they should.

Richard W. / California

Richard W.

I love Teladoc. My family uses it, it's great for things like poison ivy where you know you just need a prescription, you know what it is, and you don't need to see a doctor. The doctors are always great.

Sandra H. / Kansas

Sandra H.