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Vision Plan Access

Alliance Members have access to valuable benefits, including special group pricing on a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) vision insurance plan that provides you with great cost savings while offering superior access to vision care services. The plan includes one eye examination every 12 months and your choice of eyeglasses OR contact lenses every 12 months with no copayment needed.

Alliance Members and dependents are eligible to enroll through PISI Vision. Dependents include spouse and unmarried dependent children under age 26 or to any age if incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental or physical disability and chiefly dependent upon Member for maintenance and support.

• Individual Member $8 Monthly
• Two-Party $15 Monthly
• Family $23 Monthly

DavisVision® provides quality eye care through a network of over 43,000 points of access nationally, including Visionworks®, Walmart®, Sam’s Club® and Costco®.

To locate a provider, click here and use Client Code 7526.


In-Network Coverage

Out-of-Network Coverage

Examination Included $32
Frames* Included $30
Eyeglass Lenses (per pair)
Standard Lenses

Single Vision
Frames* Included $30
Contact Lenses
Conventional (per pair)

Examples – hard/soft daily wear spherical, bifocal, toric, gas permeable
Included in Plan Formulary


$85 Elective Contact Lens Allowance**
$85 combined allowance toward contact lens evaluation, fitting services and materials
Medically Necessary Covered with prior approval Up to $225
Warranty Unconditional breakage warranty to repair or replace any Davis Vision laboratory supplied eyeglasses for a period of one year for the date of delivery  
Laser Vision Correction Receive up to 25% discount off Provider's usual & customary fees for laser correction services or 5% off any advertised special (whichever is lower)  
LENS 1-2-3 Exclusive mail-order contact lens replacement service  

*Davis Vision Fashion Frames for the Tower Collection are included with no copayment.

**$85 combined allowance toward contact lens evaluation, fitting services and materials.

The vision plan is sponsored and administered by Professional Insurance Services, Inc. (PISI). All insured products are underwritten by either HM Life Insurance Company or HM Life Insurance Company of New York. Davis Vision may operate as Davis Vision Insurance Administrators in California.

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Ellyn S. / Indiana

Ellyn S.

MEDPro has helped lower the costs of some of my more expensive medicines; it was like getting a pay raise!

Kevin B. / Nebraska

Kevin B.

I saved over $1,000 on dental work on one visit using Discount Dental Plan.

Mark F. / Arizona

Mark F.

The Alliance offers benefits that far outweigh the minimal monthly payment. If every individual, family or small business does not have this program, then they should.

Richard W. / California

Richard W.

I love Teladoc. My family uses it, it's great for things like poison ivy where you know you just need a prescription, you know what it is, and you don't need to see a doctor. The doctors are always great.

Sandra H. / Kansas

Sandra H.